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We understand that losing a loved one is very stressful and difficult. The trauma is often made worse by the paperwork and other formalities involved in establishing and distributing the deceased’s assets.

Our experienced team can assist you through this entire process, making matters as straightforward as possible for you and your family.


Our Solicitors Can:

  • Deal with every aspect of the estate including all assets and liabilities
  • Advise on tax minimisation opportunities
  • Arrange for assets to be valued and apply for Confirmation at Court if required
  • Visit you at home if you’re unable to get out


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Estate administration can be complex and difficult but Clark Boyle will help you resolve matters quickly and efficiently.

We can take care of all aspects of the estate including the sale of any property or other assets.

We have had extensive dealings with large and small estates – where a will was in place  and also where the deceased left no will.

If a relative has died and you’re not sure if you are entitled to claim from their estate we can advise.